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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU

Expert referees are nowadays overloaded by requests of reviews by a continuously growing forest of journals.
Detritus claims to be different, being the first (or one of the first?) double open Journal: free submissions, free access.
We hope that colleagues around the world would support this endeavor, offering their time and expertise.

The  recognition to them will arrive in terms of:

  • Personal satisfaction for supporting this challenging project
  • Establishing relationships with reputable colleagues in the 
Journal Editorial Board.
  • Yearly publication of a list of reviewers who have collaborated, providing names and affiliation
  • Possibility to receive on demand an yearly commented report
on their reviewing activity which can be used for progressing in academic career
  • Publication on the journal of the top reviewers of the year with photo and short curriculum for each
  • 30% discount
 on the entrance fee to IWWG Conferences for referees carrying at least five reviews per year.
  • Awarding of a certificate to the top reviewers by the journal and a prize consisting in complimentary yearly membership to IWWG, including subscription to the journal print version
  • Award to Best reviewer of the year, to be officially conferred to the winner in a ceremony during the annual editorial meeting. The Award winner will be invited to join the Editorial Board of the Journal for a term of three years.
  • Our gratitude.