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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU

Chemical Process Engineer / TU Wien, Austria
Andreas Bartl studied Technical Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering at TU Wien, where he also received his PhD. After four years working in the industry in research & development and production of pyrotechnics, he returned to TU Wien. Since almost 20 years he is at the Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering within the Research Unit of „Mechanical Process Engineering and Clean Air Technology“. In 2012 he received the conferment of the right to lecture (“venia docendi”) and the academic title “Privatdozent”.
Since his come back to TU Wien, Andreas works in the broader field of fiber technology. In his research group, the dry grinding of (short) fibers and fiber characterization have been the focus of research activities. Over the years the spotlight moved into the waste management and recycling of fibers derived from end-of-life products such as tires or apparel are in the foreground today. Currently Andreas is involved in national and EU research projects aiming to move the textile industry towards a circular economy. The topics are not only in the field of mechanical process engineering but also include “green processes” such as enzymatic hydrolysis. Andreas is member of national and international organizations in the field of fiber processing chain (e.g. Austrian Fibre Institute, Global Fibre Congress) as well as in the field of waste management (e.g. IWWG, CEC4Europe).