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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU

Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Since 2002 Andreas Bartl is teaching and researching at Vienna University of Technology at the institute of Chemical Engineering. In 2012 he received the conferment of the right to lecture (“venia docendi”) and the academic title “Privatdozent” which complies with Associate Professor. Before joining the University he worked in the industry at Hirtenberger AG in Lower Austria for four years. He was head of the R & D department for pyrotechnics as well as responsible for the production in the primer plant. His most important project was the development of non-toxic ignition mixtures for small ammunition and automotive applications.
Andreas holds a PhD degree in Technical Science from Vienna University of Technology. During his thesis he was working as project assistant and investigated the reduction process of non-sag tungsten powder further used for in incandescent bulb. The work was carried out in cooperation with Philips Lighting Maarheeze, The Netherlands. The work was awarded the Wolf Johannes Müller price. Before that he received a degree of “Diplomingenieur” which complies with MSc. The practical work included chemical vapor deposition experiments. On the one hand diamond have been deposited on WC/Co hard metals coated with WC films. On the other hand the deposition and etching of cubic boron nitride was investigated.
Andreas holds lectures in mechanical engineering, fiber technology and recycling and is responsible for several laboratory tutorials and seminars in the field of mechanical process engineering. He has supervised several diploma and doctoral theses mainly in cooperation with industrial partners. The topics are located in the field of recycling. The main expertise of Andreas Bartl is located in recycling and the morphological characterization of particles by optical image analysis.