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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU
    1.1 Regulations
    Cossu, R. (IT)
    Landfilling or biking? / Vol. 02 – June 2018

    R. Cossu, D. Sciunnach, S. Cappa, G. Gallina, V. Grossule and R. Raga (IT)
    First worldwide regulation on sustainable landfilling: guidelines of the Lombardy region (Italy) / Vol. 12 – September 2020
    2.1 Geomatics and GIS in waste management
    C. Camolesi Guimarães, A. Muselli Barbosa and G. Otávio Coaracy Brasil (BR)
    Visual interpretation of satellite and aerial images to identify and study the evolution of inadequate urban waste disposal sites / Vol. 06 – June 2019

    2.2 Geophysical
    R. Balia (IT)
    Old municipal and industrial waste landfills: examples of possible application of geophysical survey techniques for assessment prior to reclamation / Vol. 1 – March 2018

    2.3 GIS
    L. Randazzo, A. Cusumano, G. Oliveri, P. Di Stefano, P. Renda, M. Perricone and G. Zarcone (IT)
    Landfill site selection for municipal solid waste by using AHP method in GIS environment: waste management decision-support in Sicily (Italy) / Vol. 02 – June 2018
    3.1 Bioreactor
    V. Grossule, L. Morello, R. Cossu and M. C. Lavagnolo (IT)
    Bioreactor landfills: comparison and kinetics of the different systems / Vol. 03 – September 2018
    4.1 Operation
    V. Quang Huy, Y. Kohata and H. Yoshida (JP)
    The elevated temperature and gas component within an operating semi-aerobic landfill / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    V. Grossule and M. C. Lavagnolo (IT)

    Optimised management of semi-aerobic landfilling under tropical wet-dry conditions / Vol. 10 – June 2020
    5.1 Lining
    M. Regadío, J. A. Black and S. F. Thornton (GB)
    The role of natural clays in the sustainability of landfill liners / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    K. Berger (DE)
    On the new hydrologic evaluation of landfill performance (help) model version 4 for the water balance simulation of landfill liner systems / Vol. 18 – March 2020

    5.2 Review of problems
    V. Grossule (IT) and R. Stegmann (DE)
    Problems in traditional landfilling and proposals for solutions based on sustainability / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    5.3 Top covers
    Y. Le Bihan, D. Loranger-King, N. Turgeon, N. Pouliot, N. Moreau, D. Deschênes and G. Rivard (CA)
    Use of alternative cover materials to control surface emissions (H2S AND VOCS) at an engineered landfill / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    R. Franqueto, M. A. Capanema, W. Nagel Schirmer (BR) and A. Cabral (CA)
    Fugitive Methane emissions from two experimental biocovers constructed with tropical residual soils: field study using a large flux chamber / Vol. 07 – September 2019

    D. Cazzuffi and P. Recalcati (IT)
    Recent developments on the use of drainage geocomposites in capping systems / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    P. Recalcati, D. Cazzuffi, L. S. Calvarano and S. Marelli (IT)
    A review of direct shear and inclined plane tests results for different interfaces in landfill capping / Vol. 20 – September 2022

    5.4 Volume expansion
    D. Cazzuffi and P. Recalcati (IT)
    Landfills volume increase with reinforced soil embankments: basic theory and case studies / Vol. 15 – June 2021
    6.1 Characterization
    A. Borello, S. Kissoon and C. Trois (ZA)
    Feasibility of landfill gas upgrade for use as a fuel source for refuse trucks: a case study in South Africa / Vol. 01 – March 2018

    N. Meza, H. Lammen, C. Cruz, T. Heimovaara and J.Gebert (NL)
    Spatial variability of gas composition and flow in a landfill under in-situ aeration / Vol. 19 – June 2022

    J. Gebert, T. de Jong, P. N. Meza Ramos, H. Lammen (NL), T. Rees-White and R. P. Beaven (UK)
    Spatial variability of leachate tables, leachate composition and hydraulic conductivity in a landfill stabilized by in situ aeration/ Vol. 19 – June 2022
    7.1 Biological treatment
    T. Robinson (GB)
    Aerobic biological treatability studies on landfill leachate with nitrification and denitrification / Vol. 07 – September 2019

    7.2 Phytotreatment
    T. Robinson (GB)
    Removal of dissolved methane and other contaminants from landfill leachates in engineered wetlands / Vol. 09 – March 2020

    T. Robinson and H. Robinson (GB)
    The use of reed beds for treatment of landfill leachates / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    7.3 Phisico-chemical treatment
    R. de Almeida, J. Campos and F. de Almeida Oroski (BR)
    Techno-economic evaluation of landfill leachate treatment by hybrid lime application and nanofiltration process / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    K. Tameda, T. Li, J. Liu and S. Higuchi (JP)
    Development of a method for designing leachate desalination process using landfill cell model / Vol. 07 – September 2019

    7.4 Case studies
    T. Robinson (GB)
    Robust and reliable treatment of leachate at a closed landfill site in Sussex, UK / Vol. 01 – March 2018

    H. Robinson, K. Wilson, A. Stokes, J. Olufsen and T. Robinson (GB)
    Recent state-of-the-art leachate treatment plants in eastern England / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    T. Robinson (GB)
    Treatment of landfill leachate at a remote closed landfill site on the Isle of Wight / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    N. Berge, K. Drafts, S. Boxman, S. Ribes, M. Terry, B. Staley and J. Flora (US)

    Evaluating the influence of a droplet spraying/misting system to enhance ammonia volatilization from a leachate storage pond: a case study at the three rivers solid waste authority / Vol. 21 – December 2022
    8.1 Climate change issues
    K. Heyer, K. Hupe and R. Stegmann (DE)
    Adaptation of IPCC default values on national landfill conditions / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    8.2 Leachate
    I. Sohoo, M. Ritzkowski and K. Kuchta (DE)
    Evaluation of behavior of waste disposal sites in Karachi, Pakistan and effects of enhanced leaching on their emission potential / Vol. 07 – September 2019

    8.3 Methane
    I. Daugėla, J. S. Visockiene (LT) and J. Kumpiene (SE)
    Detection and analysis of methane emissions from a landfill using unmanned aerial drone systems and semiconductor sensors / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    8.4 Odours
    F. Tagliaferri, M. Invernizzi, S. Sironi and L. Capelli (IT)
    Influence of modelling choices on the results of landfill odour dispersion / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    8.5 Particulate
    E. Hroncová, J. Ladomerský and D. Ladomerská (SK)
    Landfill air pollution by ultrafine and microparticles in case of dry and windless weather conditions / Vol. 10 – June 2020
    9.1 Unit costs
    A. Pivato, S. Masi, D. De Caprio and A. Tommasin (IT)
    Sanitary landfill costs from design to aftercare: criteria for defining unit cost / Vol. 04 – December 2018
    10.1 Final Storage Quality
    C. F. Mahler, J. R. de Almeida and J. P. Bassin (BR)
    Index to evaluate closed landfills based on leachate parameters / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    V. Grossule (IT)
    Final quality of a sustainable landfill and post-closure management / Vol. 13 – December 2020
    11.1 Decision tools

    G. Pastre, Z. Griffiths, J. Val, A. M. Tasiu, E. V. Camacho-Dominguez, S. Wagland and F. Coulon (GB)
    A decision support tool for enhanced landfill mining / Vol. 01 – March 2018

    O. Johansson and M. Pettersson (SE)

    Environmental law issues in connection with landfill mining/ Vol. 18 – March 2022

     E. Wille, C. Isenborghs, L. Lamair, C. Neculau and Renaud Derijdt (BE) 
    Cedalion and orion: a two-step decision support tool to allow smart elfm project planning, prioritisation and sustainable interim use (rawfill project) / Vol. 18 – March 2022

    11.2 Investigations
    H. Särkkä, T. Kaartinen, E. Hannus, S. Hirvonen, T. Valjus, J. Lerssi (FI), G. A. Dino, P. Rossetti (IT), Z. Griffiths, S. T. Wagland and F. Coulon (GB)
    Investigation of municipal solid waste (MSW) and industrial landfills as a potential source of secondary raw materials / Vol. 01 – March 2018

    J. C. Hernández Parrodi, D. Höllen and R. Pomberger (AT)
    Characterization of fine fractions from landfill mining: a review of previous investigations / Vol. 02 – June 2018

    11.3 Sorting/ Extraction of resources
    C. Garcia Lopez, A. Ni, T. Pretz, K. Raulf (DE), J. C. Hernández Parrodi (BE), and B. Küppers (AT)
    Characterization of landfill mining material after ballistic separation to evaluate material and energy recovery potential / Vol. 08 – December 2019

    B. Küppers, R. Pomberger and D. Vollprecht (AT), J. C. Hernández Parrodi (BE) and C. Garcia Lopez (DE)
    Potential of sensor-based sorting in enhanced landfill mining / Vol. 08 – December 2019

    S. Wagland, I. T. Kara, N. Marsay, V. Huntington, F. Coulon, M. C. Alamar, M. Capstick, S. Higson and Andrew Buchanan (UK)
    Assessing metal recovery opportunities through bioleaching from past metallurgical sites and waste deposits: UK case study / Vol. 21 – December 2022

11.4 Resources recovery
H. I. Lucas, C. Garcia Lopez, K. Raulf (DE), J. C. Hernández Parrodi (BE), D. Vollprecht, R. Pomberger (AT), T. Pretz and B. Friedrich (DE)
Quality assessment of nonferrous metals recovered from landfill mining: a case study in Belgium / Vol. 08 – December 2019

D. Vollprecht, R. Stiegler, T. Wolfsberger, B. Küppers, R. Scholger (AT), C. Bobe (BE) and E. van de Vijver (BE)
Relating magnetic properties of municipal solid waste constituents to iron content- implications for enhanced landfill mining / Vol. 08 – December 2019

N. Lee, E. Cho (KR), M. Kawashimaf, S. Higuchi, K. Tameda and M. Hanashima (JP)
Recycling of waste plastics disposed of in landfills: the effect of washing treatment / Vol. 01 – March 2018

E. Andersson (NO), M. Jobs, L. Elfgren and A. Lagerkvist (SE)
Biogeochemical and mechanical characterization of the landfill fraction generated by mechanical waste sorting / Vol. 15 – June 2021

S. Natalia, A. Krutova, Y. Mozzhegorova and S. Polygalov (RU)
The possibility of secondary resource recovery during waste disposal site reclamation / Vol. 14 – March 2021

11.5 Economics
J. L. Esguerra, J. Krook, N. Svensson (SE) and S. Van Passel (BE)
Assessing the economic potential of landfill mining: review and recommendations / Vol. 08 – December 2019

11.6 Case studies
J. C. Hernández Parrodi (BE), C. Garcia Lopez, K. Raulf, T. Pretz (DE), R. Pomberger, B. Küppers and D. Vollprecht (AT)
Case study on enhanced landfill mining at Mont Saint-Guibert landfill in Belgium: characterization and potential of fine fractions / Vol. 08 December 2019

J. C. Hernández Parrodi (BE), K. Raulf, T. Pretz (DE), D. Vollprecht, and R. Pomberger (AT)
Case study on enhanced landfill mining at Mont-Saint-Guibert landfill in Belgium: mechanical processing of fine fractions for material and energy recovery / Vol. 08 – December 2019

D. Vollprecht, J. C. Hernández Parrodi, R. Pomberger (AT) and H. I. Lucas (DE)
Case study on enhanced landfill mining at Mont-Saint-Guibert landfill in Belgium: mechanical processing, physico-chemical and mineralogical characterization of fine fractions < 4.5 mm / Vol. 10 – June 2020

J. C. Hernández Parrodi (BE), D. Vollprecht and R. Pomberger (AT)

Case study on enhanced landfill mining at Mont-Saint-Guibert landfill in Belgium: physico-chemical characterization and valorization potential of combustibles and inert fractions recovered from fine fractions / Vol. 10 – June 2020

B. Küppers (AT), C. García López, A. Clausen and T. Pretz (DE)
Landfill mining: a case study regarding sampling, processing and characterization of excavated waste from an austrian landfill / Vol. 02 – June 2018

S. T. Wagland, F. Coulon and L. Canopoli (GB)
Developing the case for enhanced landfill mining in the UK / Vol. 05 – March 2019

S. Cappa (IT)
Landfill mining applications in the Lombardy region / Vol 08 – December 2019

11.7 Strategies
P. V. Einhäupl, K. Van Acker, S. Van Passel (BE) and N. Svensson (SE)
Developing stakeholder archetypes for enhanced landfill mining / Vol. 08 – December 2019

J. C. Hernández Parrodi, S. Van Passel, G. Sauve, J. L. Esguerra, P. Einhäupl, K. Van Acker (BE), H. Lucas, B. Friedrich (DE), D. Vollprecht, R. Pomberger (AT), J. Krook, N. Svensson (SE) and M. Gigantino (CH)
Integration of resource recovery into current waste management through (enhanced) landfill mining / Vol. 08 – December 2019

J. C. Hernández Parrodi (BE), D. Höllen and R. Pomberger (AT)
Potential and main technological challenges for material and energy recovery from fine fractions of landfill mining: a critical review / Vol. 03 – September 2018

Machiels, L., Jones, P. (BE) and Bernardo, E. (IT)
Enhanced landfill mining, the missing link to a circular economy 2.0? / Vol. 08 – December 2019