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    1.1 Conceptual approach
    F. Simon and O. Holm (DE)
    Resources from recycling and urban mining: limits and prospects / Vol. 02 – June 2018

    D. Pleissner (DE)

    How can sustainable chemistry contribute to a circular economy? / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    M. Kalina (ZA)
    Treating the symptom? A marxist reflection on ‘zero waste’ and Sardinia 2019 Symposium / Vol. 09 – March 2020

    Butti, L. (IT)
    Circular economy, Methane emissions, waste managementn and the court’s role / Vol. 17 – December 2021

    Lavagnolo, M-C. (IT)
    “Closing the loop” of the circular economy and COVID19 / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    O. Johannson (SE)
    Did end of waste bring the end of waste? / Vol. 20 – September 2022

    A. Del Borghi, M. Gallo and L. Moreschi (IT)
    A critical environmental analysis of strategic materials towards energy transition / Vol. 20 – September 2022

    1.2 Education
    I. D. Williams, K. P. Roberts, P. J. Shaw and B. Cleasby (GB)
    Applying circular economy thinking to industry by integrating education & research activities / Vol. 1 – March 2018

    Qu, D., Shevchenko, T., Ladyka, Y. (UA), Saidani, M. (FR) and Xia, Y. (CN)
    Transition towards a circular economy: the role of university assets in the implementation of a new model / Vol. 17 – December 2021

    1.3 Life Cycle Assessment
    A. Brock and I D. Williams (GB)
    Life cycle assessment of beverage packaging / Vol. 13 – December 2020

    S. Burnley (IE)
    A life cycle assessment of energy from waste and recycling in a post-carbon future / Vol. 05 – March 2019

    A. Manzardo, D. Camana, A. Fedele and F. Gallo (IT)
    Assessing environmental sustainability of projects with different tools. A life cycle perspective / Vol. 21 – December 2022

    1.4 National strategies
    J. Slavík, J. Remr and E. Vejchodská (CZ)
    Relevance of selected measures in transition to a circular economy: the case of the Czech Republic / Vol. 1 – March 2018

    C. A. Fletcher and R. M. Dunk (GB)
    In the search for effective waste policy: alignment of UK waste strategy with the circular economy / Vol. 04 – December 2018

    C. Matasci, M. Gauch and H. Boeni (CH)
    How to increase circularity in the Swiss economy? / Vol. 14 – March 2021

    P. Schamber and S. Bon (AR)

    Extended producer responsibility (epr) and packaging regulations in argentina: reflections on the aspects associated with the blocking of the draft legislation initiatives/ Vol. 19 – June 2022

    1.5 Public involvement
    J. Bachér, H. Pihkola, L. Kujanpää and U-M. Mroueh (FI)
    Advancing the circular economy through group decision-making and stakeholder involvement / Vol. 04 – December 2018

    1.6 Regulations
    J. Fellner, D. Laner, R. Warrings, K. Schustereder and J. Lederer (AT)
    Potential impacts of the EU circular economy package on the utilization of secondary resources / Vol. 02 – June 2018

    S. Daskal, O. Ayalon and M. Shechter (IL)
    Closing the loop: the challenges of regulation in municipal solid waste management / Vol. 05 – March 2019

    A. Bartl (AT)
    The circular economy package of the European Union: are new paths being taken or is it an old story? / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    2.1 Prevention
    Stegmann, R. (DE)
    A new discipline: Waste prevention management/ Vol. 16 – September 2021

    A. Svingstedt, H. Corvellec and E. Samsioe (SE)
    The normality of industrial and commercial waste: economic, technical and organisational barriers to waste prevention / Vol. 13 – December 2020

    G. Blanca-Alcubilla, A. Bala, J. I. Hermira, N. De-Castro, R. Chavarri, R. Perales, I. Barredo and P. Fullana-i-Palmer (ES)
    Tackling International Airline catering waste management: Life Zero cabin waste project. State of the art and first steps / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    E. R. Rodrigues and A. P. Bortoleto (BR)
    Analyzing waste prevention behaviors by applying an ABMS framework / Vol. 21 – December 2022

    2.2 Reuse
    L. Milios and C. Dalhammar (SE)
    Ascending the waste hierarchy: re-use potential in Swedish recycling centres / Vol. 09 – March 2020

    P. Shaw and I. Williams (GB)
    Reuse in practice: the UK’s car and clothing sectors / Vol. 04 – December 2018

    R. Osterley and I. D. Williams (GB)
    The social, environmental and economic benefits of reuse by charity shops / Vol. 07 – September 2019

    3.1 Characterisation
    M. Calero, M. Á. Martín-Lara, V. Godoy, L. Quesada, D. Martínez, F. Peula and J. M. Soto (ES)
    Characterization of plastic materials present in municipal solid waste: preliminary study for their mechanical recycling / Vol. 04 – December 2018

    K. Friedrich, S. Möllnitz, S. Holzschuster, R. Pomberger, D. Vollprecht and R. Sarc (AT)
    Benchmark analysis for plastic recyclates in Austrian waste management / Vol. 09 – March 2020

    X. Chen, N. Kroell, A. Feil and T. Pretz (DE)
    Determination of the composition of multilayer plastic packaging with NIR spectroscopy / Vol. 13 – December 2020

    P. Hennebert (FR)
    Concentrations of brominated flame retardants in plastics of electrical and electronic equipment, vehicles, construction, textiles and non-food packaging: a review of occurrence and management / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    G. Bonifazi, R. Gasbarrone and S. Serranti (IT)
    Detecting contaminants in post-consumer plastic packaging waste by a NIR hyperspectral imaging-based cascade detection approach / Vol. 15 – June 2021

    Hennebert, P. (FR)

    The substitution of regulated brominated flame retardants in plastic products and waste and the declared properties of the substitutes in REACh / Vol. 16 – September 2021

    Calmano, W., Alassali, A. and Kutcha, K. (DE)
    Assessment of the degree and source of polyolefin recyclates contamination / Vol. 17 – December 2021

    Hennebert, P. (FR)
    Hazardous properties of brominated, phosphorus, chlorinated, nitrogen and mineral flame retardants in plastics which may hinder their recycling / Vol. 17 – December 2021

    P. Hennebert (FR)
    Hazardous properties of plasticisers that may hinder the recycling of plastics / Vol. 21 – December 2022

    P. Cucuzza, G.Bonifazi, G. Capobianco, S. Serranti and A. Uzzo (IT)
    Recycling-oriented characterization of pet waste stream by swir hyperspectral imaging and variable selection methods / Vol. 18 – March 2022

    3.2 Treatment / Production processess
    B. Küppers, X. Chen, I. Seidler, K. Friedrich, K. Raulf, T, Pretz, A. Feil, R. Pomberger and D. Vollprecht (AT)
    Influences and consequences of mechanical delabelling on pet recycling / Vol. 06 – June 2019

    G. Grause (IT)
    Resource control by introducing an environmental currency: comparison of feedstock sources for polyethylene production / Vol. 05 – March 2019

    Utilization of recycled polypropylene, cellulose and newsprint fibres for production of green composites / Vol. 07 – September 2019

    J.R. Rutkowski (BR)
    Inclusive packaging recycling systems: improving sustainable waste management for a circular economy / Vol. 13 – December 2020

    G. M. Guebitz, F. Quartinello and D. Ribitsch (AT)
    Enzyme based recycling processes / Vol. 20 – September 2022

    N. Mhaddolkar, G. Koinig and D. Vollprecht (AT)
    Near-infrared identification and sorting of polylactic acid / Vol. 20 – September 2022

    3.3 Consumption behaviour
    T.P. Wagner (US)
    Policy instruments to reduce consumption of expanded polystyrene food service ware in the USA / Vol. 09 – March 2020

    T.P. Wagner and P. Toews (US)
    Assessing the use of default choice modification to reduce consumption of plastic straws / Vol. 04 – December 2018

    J. Lederer, A. Bartl, D. Blasenbauer, G. Breslmayer, L. Gritsch, S. Hofer, A. Lipp and J. Mühl (AT)
    A review of recent trends to increase the share of post-consumer packaging waste to recycling in Europe/ Vol. 19 – June 2022

    3.4 Plastics to art
    Donkor, E., Micah, V. and Akomeaa, D. (GH)
    Plastic waste and its artistic context / Vol. 17 – December 2021

    4.1 Aluminium
    R. Babaei, M. Abbasi and M. Mirabi (IR)
    Developing a practical framework for use in the separation of aluminium waste from restaurants and estimation of potential benefits / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    4.2 Glass
    K. Friedrich, S. Holzschuster, T. Fritz, R. Pomberger and A. Aldrian (AT)
    Benchmark analysis for recycled glass in Austrian Waste Management / Vol. 13 – December 2020

    E. Bernardo, G. Tameni, F. Cammelli, F. Stangherlin (IT) and H. Elsayed (EG)
    Upcycling of boro-alumino-silicate pharmaceutical glass in sustainable construction materials / Vol. 20 – September 2022

    4.3 Textiles
    Sarah-Aby Diop and Peter J. Shaw (UK)
    End of use textiles: gifting and giving in relation to societal and situational factors / Vol. 1 / March 2018

    B. Piribauer, U. Jenull-Halver, F. Quartinello, W. Ipsmiller, D. Koch, T. Laminger and A. Bartl (AT)
    Tex2mat – next level textile recycling with biocatalysts / Vol. 13 – December 2020

    A. Bartl and W. Ipsmiller (AT)

    Textile waste: where is the journey heading? / Vol. 18 – March 2022

    4.4 Mineral Wool waste
    T. Sattler, R. Pomberger, J. Schimek and D. Vollprecht (AT)
    Mineral wool waste in Austria, associated health aspects and recycling options / Vol. 09 – March 2020

    P. Jetsu, M. Vilkki and I. Tiihonen (FI)
    Utilization of demolition wood and mineral wool wastes in wood-plastic composites / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    4.5 Others
    P. J. Shaw and E. Appleby (UK)
    Nail varnish packaging and residue wastes: problems and solutions/ Vol. 19 – June 2022

    4.6 Urine
    S. Hörnlein, S. Mehling and J. Londong (DE)
    Communicating source separation of urine / Vol. 14 – March 2021

  5. CASES
    5.1 Recovery plants
    F. Di Maria, F. Sisani and M. Lasagni (IT)
    Improving the global sustainability of the Arezzo total recovery waste treatment plant / Vol. 05 – March 2019

    Cord’Homme, C. (FR)   
    Energy, a major oversight in the circular economy and resource management? / Vol. 14 – March 2021

    Rosenfeld, D., Lindorfer, J., Böhm, H., Zauner, A. and Fazeni-Fraisl, K. (AT)
    Potentials and costs of various renewable gases: a case study for the Austrian energy system by 2050 / Vol. 16 – September 2021
    Cossu, R., Grossule, V. and Lavagnolo, M-C. (IT)     
    What about residues from circular economy and role of landfilling? / Vol. 09 – March 2020