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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU
    Artuso,A. and Cossu, E. (IT)
    Why are waste management facilities so unattractive? / Vol. 11 – July 2020

    M.L. Nobile (IT)
    Architecture as a device: the design of waste recycling collection centres / Vol. 02 / June 2018
    2.1 Conceptual approaches

    K-M. Pehme and M. Kriipsalu (ES)
    Full-scale project – from landfill to recreational area / Vol. 1 – March 2018

    D. Weissman (US)
    Landfill urbanism: opportunistic ecologies, wasted landscapes / Vol. 11 – July 2020

    2.2 Case studies
    A. Długoński (PL)
    Recreational development of old landfill: the case study of Górka Rogowska landfill in Łódź City, Poland / Vol. 02 / June 2018

    I. Dorobanțu (RO) and L. Monnereau (FR)
    Bamboo stadium. The architectural rehabilitation of the former olusosun landfill, Lagos, Nigeria / Vol. 11 – July 2020

    A. Artuso, E. Cossu (IT), L. He and Q. She (CN)
    Rehabilitation of landfills. New functions and new shapes for the landfill of Guiyang, China / Vol. 11 – July 2020

    M. Héroux and D. Martin (CA)
    Frederic-Back park, Montreal, Canada: How 40 million tonnes of solid waste support a pubblic park / Vol. 11 – July 2020

    M. De Poli (IT)

    The value of abandonment: the Giacomini park in Italy / Vol. 11 – July 2020

    S. M. Colombo (IT)

    The naturalistic recovery of an old landfill: the case of Vizzolo Predabissi (MI) / Vol. 07 – September 2019

    2.3 Education
    A. Artuso, E. Cossu and S. Antoniadis (IT)
    Rehabilitation of landfills: design lab at the international workshop on waste architecture 2019 / Vol. 11 – July 2020
    N. Slingerland, N. A. Beier and G. W. Wilson (CA)
    Enhanced geomorphic design for reclamation of rural waste-scapes / Vol. 02 – June 2018

    M. Rigillo, E. Formato and M. Russo (IT)
    Short supply chain of waste flows: designing local networks for landscape regeneration / Vol. 11 – July 2020
    4.1 Reuse
    S. Sacco and M. Cerreta (IT)
    Patrimonio plàstico: a decision-making process for the re-use of an industrial architecture in Montevideo / Vol. 11 – July 2020  

    4.2 Obsolescent architecture
     S. Antoniadis (IT)
    Iwrecks pilot scenarios: reducing waste and avoiding the threatening obsolescence in architecture / Vol. 11 – July 2020

    4.3 Abandoned areas
    S. Iodice and P. De Toro (IT)
    Waste and wasted landscapes: focus on abandoned industrial areas / Vol. 11 – July 2020

    Antoniadis, S. and Stendardo, L. (IT)
    The power of the wreck / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    4.4 Nuclear waste facility

    P. Ravnborg (DK)
    While we wait- Nuclear waste facility Risø, Denmark / Vol. 11 – July 2020