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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU
    1.1 Green House Gas (GHG)
    C. Wünsch and R. Kocina (DE)
    Global development of greenhouse gas emissions in the waste management sector / Vol. 07 – September 2019

    1.2 Contaminants of Emerging Concern
    D.R. Lapen, E. Topp, N. Gottschall and M. Edwards (CA)
    Land application of municipal biosolids: managing the fate and transport of contaminants of emerging concern / Vol. 1 – March 2018

    A. Marrone (IT)
    Antarctica as a global pollution sensor: the antagps project / Vol. 19 – June 2022

    1.3 Ecotoxicity
    P. Hennebert (FR)
    Proposition of threshold for waste contaminated with mercury (compounds) in application of the minamata convention on mercury and impact assessment / Vol. 06 – June 2019

    2.1 Odours
    F. Tagliaferri, M. Invernizzi, S. Sironi and L. Capelli (IT)
    Influence of modelling choices on the results of landfill odour dispersion / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    L. Capelli, R. Arias, J. Uribe and S. Sironi (IT)
    Overview of odour measurement methods: the odour observatory as an informative tool for citizen science based approaches to odour management / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    2.2 Particulate
    E. Hroncová, J. Ladomerský and D. Ladomerská (SK)
    Landfill air pollution by ultrafine and microparticles in case of dry and windless weather conditions / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    3.1 Littering
    S. Werner (DE)
    Marine plastic litter – A massive waste problem / Vol. 1 – March 2018

    3.2 Microplastics
    B. Piribauer, T. Laminger, W. Ipsmiller, D. Koch and A. Bartl (AT)
    Assessment of microplastics in the environment – Fibres: the disregarded twin? / Vol. 09 – March 2020

    Van Praagh, M. (SE) and Liebmann B. (AT)
    Microplastics in landfill leachates in three nordic countries / Vol. 17 – December 2021

    G. V. L. Gonzalez, M. Hudson, P. Shaw, I. D. Williams (UK) and G. Dominguez Cortinas (MX)
    A review of the origins of microplastics arriving at wastewater treatment plants / Vol. 20 – September 2022

    A. Marrone and D. Pellegrino (IT)
    A plethora of microplastic pollution studies: the need for a forensic approach / Vol. 18 – March 2022

    C. Simongini, S. Serranti and G. Bonifazi (IT), M. Pucetaite, M. van Praagh and E. Hammer (SE)
    Microplastics identification in landfill leachates by different spectroscopic techniques / Vol. 18 – March 2022

    3.3 Biodegradable plastics
    C. Peñalva, M. Pérez, F. Braca and D. Redondo (SP) (IT)
    Reducing the effects of plastic waste in agricultural applications by developing new ok soil biodegradable plastics / Vol. 13 – December 2020
    4.1 Fires
    T. Nigl, W. Rübenbauer and R. Pomberger (IT)
    Cause-oriented investigation of the fire incidents in Austrian waste management systems / Vol. 09 – March 2020