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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU
    1.1 Introduction
    G. Charis, G. Danha and E. Muzenda (BT)
    A critical taxonomy of socio-economic studies around biomass and bio-waste to energy projects / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    1.2 Gis application
    G. Charis, G. Danha and E. Muzenda (BT)
    A review of the application of Gis in biomass and solid waste supply chain optimization: gaps and opportunities for developing nations / Vol. 06 – June 2019

    1.3 Strategies
    A. Schüch, J. Sprafke and M. Nelles (DE)
    Role of biogenic waste and residues as an important building block towards a successful energy transition and future bioeconomy – Results of a site analysis / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    A. Zenter (DE)
    From mechanical biological treatment to anaerobic digestion – Challenges in changing plant operating / Vol. 05 – March 2019

    1.4 National approaches
    S. Kumar Ghosh (IN) and F. Di Maria (IT)  
    A comparative study of issues, challenges and strategies of bio-waste management in India and Italy / Vol. 1 – March 2018

L. Figueroa-Escamilla, S. Gonzalez-Martinez, R. Campuzano and I. Valdez-Vazquez (MX)
Methane production and bromatological characteristics of the different fractions of organic municipal solid waste / Vol. 15 – June 2021

J. Slavík, K. Rybová and M. Dolejš (CZE)
Biowaste separation at source and its limitations based on spatial conditions / Vol. 05 – March 2019

J. Kannengiesser, C. Kuhn, T. Mrukwia, D. Stanojkovski, J. Jager and L. Schebek (DE)
Generation of bio-based products from OMSW by using a solid-liquid separation technique and an anaerobic treatment / Vol. 04 – December 2018

I. Efthymiopoulos, P. Hellier , N. Ladommatos, A. Eveleigh and B. Mills-Lamptey (GB)
Factors affecting the efficiency of pressurized solvent extraction of oil from spent coffee grounds / Vol. 05 – March 2019

4.1 Composting
R. G. de Souza Lima Jr and C. F. Mahler (BR)
Evaluation of new small-scale composting practices with energy recovery / Vol. 10 – June 2020

M. C. Lavagnolo, F. Ruggero, A. Pivato, C. Boaretti and A. Chiumenti (IT)
Composting of starch-based bioplastic bags: small scale test of degradation and size reduction trend / Vol. 12 – September 2020

P. Innemanová, A. Grasserová and T. Cajthaml (CZ)
Pilot-scale vermicomposting of dewatered sewage sludge from medium-sized WWTP / Vol. 18 – March 2022

A. Pivato, R. Malesani, A. Schievano, F. Di Maria and F. Sisani
Compost heat recovery systems: global warming potential impact estimation and comparison through a life cycle assessment approach / Vol. 19 – June 2022

K. N. Sobieraj, K. Giez, S. Stegenta-Dąbrowska, K. Pawęska and A. Białowiec (PL)
Composting of vegan kitchen waste: applicability assessment / Vol. 19 – June 2022

G. Jacob, F. Dienorowitz, and N. Jaschke (DE)
Spatial mathematical modeling of static compost piles with heat recovery / Vol. 20 – September 2022

N. L. Mahdjoub, Y. Omartjee and C. Trois (ZA)
Pulp and paper mill sludge; a soil amendment and compost option for landfill diversion for South-Africa / Vol. 20 – September 2022

4.2 Other technologies
Gold, M., Zurbrugg, C., Mathys, A. (CH), Ireri, D. (KE) and Fowles, T. (US)
Efficient and safe substrates for black soldier fly biowaste treatment along circular economy principle / Vol.16 – September 2021

5.1 Processes
S. Önen Cinar and K. Kuchta (DE)
Evaluation of temperature changes in anaerobic digestion process / Vol. 10 – June 2020

A. Cesaro and V. Belgiorno (IT)

Ozone pretreatment for the anaerobic digestion of organic solid waste / Vol. 12 – September 2020

R. Rajagopal, B. Goyette and J.F. Hince (CA)
High-solid anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and dairy manure: a pilot scale study at low-to-moderate temperature conditions / Vol. 05 – March 2019

5.2 Food & green waste
B. Dhungana and S. P. Lohani (NP)
Anaerobic digestion of food waste at varying operating conditions / Vol. 13 – December 2020

K. M. da Cunha, R. Zittel, C. P. Da Silva, G. V. Damiani, T. A. da Silva de Souza, J. V. G. dos Santos and S. X. de Campos (BR)
Treatment of smuggled cigarette tobacco and food solid waste in a 2000 l facultative reactor / Vol. 04 – December 2018

L. I. Igbojionu, C. Laluce and E. Pecoraro (BR)
Two-stage alkaline and acid pretreatment applied to sugarcane bagasse to enrich the cellulosic fraction and improve enzymatic digestibility / Vol. 13 – December 2020

F. A. Aisien and E.T. Aisien (NG)
Biogas from cassava peels waste / Vol. 10 – June 2020

M. Casa, M. Miccio, G. De Feo, A. Paulillo, D. Paulillo, R. Chirone (IT) and P. Lettieri (IE)
A brief overview on valorization of industrial tomato by-products using the biorefinery cascade approach / Vol. 15 – June 2021

A. Randazzo, A. Folino, F. Tassi, F. Tatàno, S. de Rosa and A. Gambioli (IT)
Volatile organic compounds from green waste anaerobic degradation at lab-scale: evolution and comparison with landfill gas / Vol. 19 – June 2022

5.3 Biogas management
P. Ogunlude, O. Abunumah, I. Orakwe, H. Shehu, F. Muhammad-Sukki and E. Gobina (IE)
Upgrading biogas to a biomethane by use of nano-structured ceramic membranes / Vol. 12 – September 2020

5.4 Technologies
G. Francini, M. Lasagni and L. Lombardi (IT)
Comparison of anaerobic digestion technologies: an Italian case study / Vol. 09 – March 2020

5.5 Policies
D. A. dos Santos Filho, L. R. Galdino de Oliveira, M. Cabral Penteado, W. Nagel Schirmer, M. A. da Motta Sobrinho and J. F. T. Jucá (BR)
Energy sustainability of supply centers from the codigestion of organic waste / Vol. 09 – March 2020

F. Di Maria (IT), O. Ayalon and S. Daskal (IL)
Biodegradable waste management by anaerobic digestion: a comparison between policy approaches and regulation in Italy and Israel / Vol. 03 – September 2018

5.6 Other

P. Battais, F. Bonthoux, S. Lechêne, J. Kunz-Iffli, N. Monta, J. Grosjean and P. Duquenne (FR)
A comparative study of real-time monitoring detection and active sampling measurements in evaluating exposure levels to ammonia / Vol. 21 – December 2022

6.1 Strategies
Muntoni, A. (IT)   
Waste biorefineries: opportunities and perspectives / Vol. 05 – March 2019

6.2 Fermentation
J. Sprafke, N. Engler, Q. Thabit, M. Nelles and A. Schuech (DE)
Increasing the baseload capacity of biowaste fermentation plants through optimised substrate management / Vol. 09 – March 2020

M. F. Castellón-Zelaya and S. González-Martínez (MX)
Effects of solids concentration and substrate to inoculum ratio on methane production from organic municipal solid waste / Vol. 15 – June 2021

F. Girotto, M. C. Lavagnolo (IT) and S. Kusch (GB)
Biological metabolites recovery from beverage production solid residues through acidogenic fermentation / Vol. 05 – March 2019

6.3 Hydrolisis
C. Anzani, B. Prandi, T. Tedeschi, C. Baldinelli, G. Sorlini, A. Dossena and S. Sforza (IT)
Enzymatic hydrolysis as a way to recovery bovine hides: laboratory and medium scale trials, characterization of the hydrolysates and scale-up to semi-industrial scale / Vol. 05 – March 2019

6.4 Biofuels
M. Cruz, E. Costa, M. Fonseca Almeida, M. da Conceição Alvim-Ferraz and J. Maia Dias (PT)
Recovery of by-products from the olive oil production and the vegetable oil refining for biodiesel production / Vol. 04 – December 2018

J. Musil, E. Hroncová and J. Ladomerský (SK)
Review of problematic threshold values for quality of secondary fuels from waste and proposal for their change / Vol. 05 – March 2019

G. Charis, L. Nyathi, M. Chigondo, M. Maposa, D. Nyadenga and K. Nyenyayi (ZW)
Fabrication of sawdust briquettes using local banana pulp as a binder / Vol. 19 – June 2022

6.5 Cases
A. Gallipoli, A. Gianico, S. Crognale, S. Rossetti, L. Mazzeo, V. Piemonte, M. Masi and C. M. Braguglia (IT)
3-Routes platform for recovery of high value products, energy and bio-fertilizer from urban biowaste: the revenue project / Vol. 15 – June 2021

6.6 Biochar
L. Fryda, R. Visser (NL) and J. Schmidt (DK)
Biochar replaces peat in horticulture: environmental impact assessment of combined biochar & bioenergy production / Vol. 05 – March 2019

Pellera, F-M., Regkouzas, P., Manolikaki, I. and Diamadopoulos, E. (GR)
Biochar production from waste biomass: characterization and evaluation for agronomic and environmental applications / Vol. 17 – December 2021

7.1 Case studies
G. R. Anupoju, S. Sundergopal (IN), S. K. Bhargava, S. Begum, V. Jegatheesan and N. Eshtiaghi (AU)
Significance of implementing decentralized biogas solutions in India: a viable pathway for biobased economy / Vol. 1 – March 2018

7.2 Economics
S. Drescher-Hartung, T. Ahrens (DE) and Z. Stasiškienė, (LT)
Energy production from residues: economic assessment of biogas installations – Development of a calculation tool / Vol. 1 – March 2018

7.3 Integrated energy network
A. Schievano, A. Goglio, C. Erckert, S. Marzorati, L. Rago, and P. Cristiani (IT)
Organic waste and bioelectrochemical systems: a future interface between electricity and methane distribution grids / Vol. 1 – March 2018

J. Kohl, F. Bozankaya, S. Drescher-Hartung, T. Ahrens and C. Klapproth (DE)
Sustainable management of energy supply including the use of waste-based biogas processes / Vol. 02 – June 2018

8.1 Protein generation
C. Zurbrügg, B. Dortmans, A. Fadhila, B. Verstappen and S. Diener (CH)
From pilot to full scale operation of a waste-to-protein treatment facility / Vol. 1 – March 2018

8.2 Water treatment
X. Dong and D. Yue (CN)
A magnetic humus core-shell composite synthesized by abiotic humification method for Cr(VI) removal / Vol. 14 – March 2021