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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU

The Managing Editors take care of specific operative activities related to editing the Journal columns, processing submissions and supervising the peer review procedure.

Maria Cristina LAVAGNOLO, University of Padova
Info from the global world Column
Marco SCHIAVON, University of Padova
Books review
Rainer STEGMANN, Hamburg University of Technology
Detritus and Art - A personal point of view on Environment and Art
Maria PETTERSSON, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
Legislation and policies on Circular Economy
Jutta GUTBERLET, University of Victoria, Canada
Grassroots social innovation
Marco RITZKOWSKI, Hamburg University of Technology
Alberto PIVATO, University of Padova (IT), Claire GWINETT, Staffordshire University (UK) and George VARGHESE, NIT Calicut, Kozhikode (IN)
Environmental Forensics
Elena COSSU, Anna ARTUSO, Arcoplan Studio
Waste Architecture and graphic design of the journal
Sofia ZANCHIN IMPIUMI, Eurowaste Srl
General Manager

The General Manager directly supervises the day-to-day operations of the submission process, guiding Authors and Reviewers and making reports for the EiC. GM also ensures compliance with the instructions included in the Guide for Authors in the submitted manuscripts.

Contacts: / tel +39 049 8726986