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    1.1 Characterisation
    A. Patti, K.R. Little, H. Ming Gan, A. Surapaneni and J. Schmidt (AU)
    Characterisation of bacterial diversity in fresh and aged sewage sludge biosolids using next generation sequencing / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    1.2 Agriculture use
    A. S. Shanta Mendis, S.P. Dunuweera, S. Walpolage and R. M. Gamini Rajapakse (LK)
    Conversion of biological treatment plant sludge to organic fertilizer for applications in organic farming / Vol. 09 – March 2020

    A. Khakbaz, M. De Nobili, M. Mainardis, M. Contin, E. Aneggi, M. Mattiussi, I. Cabras, M. Busut and D. Goi (IT)
    Monitoring of heavy metals, EOX and LAS in sewage sludge for agricultural use: a case study / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    Haouas, A., El Modafar, C., Douira, A., Ibnsouda-Koraichi, S., Filali-Maltouf, A., Moukhli, A. and Amir, S. (MA)
    Phosphate sludge: opportunities for use as a fertilizer in deficient soils / Vol. 16 – September 2021

    1.3 Resource recovery
    A. Tsybina (RU) and C. Wuensch (DE)
    Analysis of sewage sludge thermal treatment methods in the context of circular economy / Vol. 02 / June 2018

    M. Abis, W. Calmano and K. Kuchta (DE)
    Innovative technologies for phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ash / Vol. 1 / March 2018

    Gievers, F., Loewen, A. and Nelles, M (DE) 
    Life cycle assessment of sewage sludge pyrolysis: Environmental impacts of biochar as carbon sequestrator and nutrient recycler / Vol. 16 – September 2021

    D. Pleissner, C. Krieg and J.C. Peinemann (DE)
    Utilization of digested sewage sludge in lactic acid fermentation / Vol. 14 – March 2021

    T. Bauer, L. Andreas, A. Lagerkvist and L.E. Burgman (SE)
    Effects of the different implementation of legislation relating to sewage sludge disposal in the EU / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    2.1 Characterisation
    A. Abudurehman, P. Stabile, M.R. Carroll, C. Santulli and E. Paris (IT)
    Mineralogical and chemical characterization of CDW as function of particle size and thermal treatments for potential recycling / Vol. 15 – June 2021

    S. Serranti, G. Capobianco, S. Malinconico and G. Bonifazi (IT)
    Micro X-ray fluorescence imaging coupled with chemometrics to detect and classify asbestos fibers in demolition waste / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    G. Ascensão, M. Marchi, M. Segata, F. Faleschini and Y. Pontikes (IT)
    Increasing the dimensional stability of cao-feox-Al2O3-SiO2 alkali-activated materials: on the swelling potential of calcium oxide-rich admixtures / Vol. 08 – December 2019

    2.2 Computation/Data Bank
    D. Marshall, C. Meuller, B. Clifford and S. Kennedy (US)
    Computational arrangement of demolition debris / Vol. 11 – July 2020

    W. Lu, C. Webster, Y. Peng, X. Chen and K. Chen (HK)
    Big data in construction waste management: prospects and challenges / Vol. 04 – December 2018

    2.3 Sorting
    E. Marklund, L. Andreas and A. Lagerkvist (SE)
    Float-sink separation of construction and demolition waste fines / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    2.4 Disaster waste
    A. Basti (IT)
    Sustainable management of debris from the l’Aquila earthquake: environmental strategies and impact assessment / Vol.02 – June 2018

    2.5 Case studies
    A. Diotti, G. Plizzari and S. Sorlini (IT)
    Technical analysis of full-scale construction and demolition waste treatment plants: case studies of the Lombardy region, Italy / Vol. 15 – June 2021

    2.6 Country report
    G. Bedeković , B. Kovačević Zelić and I. Sobota (HR)
    Construction and demolition waste management in Croatia with recycling overview / Vol. 04 – December 2018

    H.T. Nghiem, Q.M. Phan, K. Kawamoto, K. Tuan Ngo, H.G. Nguyen, T. D. Nguyen, Y. Isobe and M. Kawasaki (VN,JP)
    An investigation of the generation and management of construction and demolition waste in Vietnam / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    J. Hao, F. Di Maria, Z. Chen, S. Yu, Wenting Ma and L. Di Sarno (CN, IT, CA)
    Comparative Study of Construction and Demolition Waste Management in China and the European Union / Vol. 13 – December 2020

    Z. Bao, W. Lu, B. Chi (HK) and J. Hao (CN)
    Construction waste management performance in green building: contextualising leed in China / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    Ottosen, L.M., Jensen, L.B., Astrup,T.,  McAloone, T.C., Ryberg, M., Thuesen, C., Christiansen, S., Pedersen, A.J. and Odgaard, M.H. (DK)
    Implementation stage for circular economy in the Danish building and costruction sector / Vol.16 – September 2021
    3.1 Policies
    V.N. Palmeira, G.F. Guarda and L.F. Whitaker Kitajima (BR)
    Illegal international trade of e-waste – Europe / Vol. 1 / March 2018

    X. Pierron, I. Williams and P. Shaw (UK)
    Extending the theory of planned behaviour using behavioural economics to reduce and access small WEEE anthropogenic stocks / Vol. 14 – March 2021

    A. Wilkinson and I.D. Williams (UK)
    Why do (W)EEE hoard? The effect of consumer behaviour on the release of home entertainment products into the circular economy / Vol. 12 – September 2020

    A. Bonoli, N. Dolci, E. Foschi, F. Lalli, S. Zanni and D. Prandstraller (IT)
    End of service scenario for universities’ informatic equipment: recovery and repair as educational and research tool for circular economy and urban mining / Vol. 04 – December 2018

    Y.V. Vazquez and S.E. Barbosa (AR)
    Use of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene from waste electric and electronic equipment without an accurate previous separation / Vol. 02 / June 2018

    3.2 Batteries
    P. Rosário Gismonti, J. Frontino Paulino and J. Afonso (BR)
    Recovery of metals from electroactive components of spent Ni-MH batteries after leaching with formic acid / Vol. 14 – March 2021

    3.3 LCD screens
    G. Bonifazi, R. Gasbarrone, R. Palmieri and S. Serranti (IT)
    Hierarchical modelling for recycling-oriented classification of shredded spent flat monitor products based on hyperspectral imaging / Vol. 13 – December 2020

    H. Yoshida, S. Izhar, E. Nishio, Y. Utsumi, N. Kakimori and S. A. Feridoun (JP)
    Application of sub-critical water for recovery of tin and glass substrates from LCD panel e-waste / Vol. 04 – December 2018

    3.4 Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
    J. Castro and R.Pereira-Filho Edenir (BR)
    Chemical exploratory analysis of printed circuit board (PCB) using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP OES): data treatment and elements correlation / Vol. 13 – December 2020

    S. Serranti, G. Capobianco and G. Bonifazi (IT)
    Integrated micro X-ray fluorescence and chemometric analysis for printed circuit boards recycling / Vol. 1 / March 2018

    G. Bonifazi, G. Capobianco, R. Palmieri and S. Serranti (IT)
    Evaluation of elements distribution in printed circuit boards from mobile phones by micro X-ray fluorescence / Vol. 14 – March 2021

    L.M. Andrade, M. Alves de Carvalho, M.P. Kohler Caldas, D. Espinosa and J. Tenòrio (BR)
    Recovery of copper and silver of printed circuit boards from obsolete computers by one-step acid leaching / Vol. 14 – March 2021

    3.5 Rare earth elements recovery
    A. Bartl, A.H. Tkaczyk, A. Amato, F. Beolchini, V. Lapkovskis and M. Petranikova
    Supply and substitution options for selected critical raw materials: cobalt, niobium, tungsten, yttrium and rare earths elements / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    A.P. Gabriel, B.B. Giordani, A. Kasper and H.M. Veit (BR)
    Indium extraction from LCD screens / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    A. Bonoli, W. Boninsegni and E. Foschi (IT)
    Valorization of rare earth elements from end-of-life fluorescent lamps: a contribution to Urban Mining / Vol. 15 – June 2021

    3.6 Photovoltaic (PV) Panels
    L.S. Silva de Oliveira , M.T. Weitzel Dias Carneiro Lima, L. Yamane and R. Ribeiro Siman (BR)
    Silver recovery from end-of-life photovoltaic panels / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    T. Dobra, M. Wellacher and R. Pomberger (AT)
    End-of-life management of photovoltaic panels in Austria: current situation and outlook / Vol. 10 – June 2020

    Cerchier, P., Brunelli, K., Pezzato, L., Sessa, T., Tammaro, M., Sabia, G., Attanasio, A., Forte, C., Nisi, A., Dabalà, M. (IT), Audoin, C., Rakotoniaina, J.P. (FR) and Suitner, H. (AT)
    Innovative recycling of End of Life PV panels: ReSiELP / Vol. 16 – September 2021

    Silveira Camargo, P.S., da Silva Domingues, A., Guê Palomero, J.P., Kasper, A.C., M. Veit, H. (BR) and Ribeiro Dias, P. (AU)

    Photovoltaic module recycling: thermal treatment to degrade polymers and concentrate valuable metals / Vol. 16 – September 2021

    3.7 Case Studies
    L. Shittu, I.D. Williams, P.J. Shaw, N. Monteiro and R. Creffield (UK)
    Demonstrating EEE recovery for reuse in a distinct urban mine: a case study / Vol. 15 – June 2021

    4.1 Classification
    A. Pivato, G. Beggio, M. Favarin, R. Raga, P. Hennebert and T. Bonato (IT)
    Proposal of a testing program for the HP14 (ecotoxic) classification of automotive shredder residues (ASR) by a battery of ecotoxicological bioassays / Vol. 13 – December 2020

    4.2 Valorization
    T. Gunaratne, J. Krook, M. Eklund and H. Andersson (SE)
    Guiding future research on the valorisation of shredder fine residues: a review of four decades of research / Vol. 09 – March 2020

    5.1 Management protocols
    L. de Lima Moura, C.F. Mahler and H.Mansur Caulliraux (BR)
    Development and application of a protocol to assess healthcare waste management / Vol. 04 – December 2018

    5.2 Treatment
    C.A. Soares Matos, L. Lange, L. Silva Betim and A. Libânia Santana Dias (BR)
    Evaluation of the efficiency of autoclaving healthcare waste using biological and chemical indicators / Vol. 09 – March 2020

    6.1 Paddy straw
    K. Kaur (US) and U. Gupta Phutela (IN)
    Morphological and structural changes in paddy straw influenced by alkali and microbial pretreatment / Vol. 03 – September 2018

    7.1 Food Industry
    J.G.L. Gontiñas, L.K. Cabatingan, Y. Ju, A.W. Go, M.A.A. Curayag and J.Z. Baloro (PH, TW)
    Acid hydrolysis as a method to valorize cellulosic filter cake from industrial carrageenan processing / Vol. 06 – June 2019

    7.2 Mining Waste
    P. Murzyn and M. Pyzalski (PL)
    Characteristics and assessment of the suitability of coal-rich mining waste in the production of ceramic building materials / Vol. 1 / March 2018

    7.3 Steel slags
    L. Benassi, C. Alias, D. Feretti, U. Gelatti, G. Piovani, I. Zerbini and S. Sorlini (IT)
    Ecotoxicity and genotoxicity of steel slags: preliminary results / Vol. 06 – June 2019

    7.4 Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)
    D. Papurello, D. Bona, G. Flaim, L. Cerasino, S. Silvestri and M. Bressan (IT)
    Simulated SOFC exhausts and their fixation on chlorella vulgaris: study on affecting parameters / Vol. 05 – March 2019