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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU

Why a column on developing countries?
There continues to be a lack of awareness of environmental issues in countries with a poor and emerging economy. In recent decades, industrialized countries have played an important role in defining social and environmental priorities for the developing world (e.g. the Millennium Development Goals); however, at the same time they have not been able to foster a significantly sustainable growth in these countries. The imported technologies and funding often result in a “fake progress”, providing no real impulse to local economic and social empowerment.
This column aims to take a closer look at the different realities of countries that have not yet succeeded in establishing an effective organization of the waste management sector, highlighting the challenges they have still to face, illustrating formal and informal solutions, and emphasizing specific social aspects.
As the role of education is considered one of the most important factors contributing to proper development, the first article focuses on the efforts of an African non-profit association to raise local awareness of environmental issues.

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