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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU

by Stefanos Antoniadis, Luigi Stendardo - University of Padova

In Detritus - Volume 03/2018 

"The second French edition of Marc-Antoine Laugier’s (1713-1769) successful Essai sur l’architecture (Laugier, 1755) displays a rather well-known allegorical engraving by Charles-Dominique-Joseph Eisen (1720-1778). Besides giving a more visible explanation of his known theoretical approach (nature is the origin of everything, in a nut shell), the illustration, featuring Architecture as goddess seated on the ruins of a destroyed building showing a primitive hut to the genius of reason (a cupid), talks about landscape, nature and waste: three extraordinarily up-to-date items production-related debates still focus on."
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by Raffaello Cossu, Editor in Chief - University of Padova

In Detritus - Volume 02/2018 

“The first day of the Solid Waste Management course I teach at the University of Padua, Italy, I usually ask the students a simple question:
“In your opinion, which is the best system of waste management?”
Their immediate reply, in chorus and with very few exceptions, is: “Recycling!”
I then go on to the second question.
“In your opinion, which is the best means of transport?”
After a moment of bewilderment due to this abrupt jump from one topic to another, no response is forthcoming until the first brave person breaks the ice: “It depends!” >>> Download full text

by Raffaello Cossu, Editor in Chief - University of Padova

In Detritus - Volume 01/2018 

"Science is the main factor involved in promoting and guiding human progress. It implies hard work, and is based on innovation, validation and diffusion. Journals play a fundamental role in the validation, dissemination and recording of scientific results. Particularly in recent years, the publication of papers in referenced journals represents the main tool in legitimating and certifying scientific and academic careers."
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