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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU

Environmental Engineer / Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan
After his MSc in Environmental Engineering, Hokkaido University, HY started doing waste Research at Muroran Institute of Technology in 1988 and his Ph.D thesis in Hokkaido University was focusing on the temperature distribution in a sanitary landfill.
Semi-aerobic landfill in Japan has a unique structure of passive aeration through landfill gas extraction wells and leachate collection pipes. Temperature is an effective index for detecting aerobic biodegradation and stabilization of a closed landfill. Then landfill gas monitoring in a landfill has been his eternal interest these years.
The 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan left huge amounts of disaster wastes. Hideki Yoshida surveyed the disaster waste storage sites in Tohoku area and found temperature rise and gas emission in those sites.
Safe disposal of disaster wastes is his latest interest to tackle next disaster.