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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU

Biologist / ECT GmbH, Germany
Dr. Römbke has a Ph.D. and a Diploma in Biology from the University of Frankfurt a.M.. In 1994, he co-founded ECT Oekotoxikologie GmbH (located in Flörsheim/Germany) as a private contract research laboratory, where he is still one of two Managing Directors. Dr. Römbke is responsible for ecotoxicological effect and fate tests as well as the environmental risk assessment of chemicals (pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals) and mixtures (wastes, contaminated soils), working both for chemical industry and for national and international governmental authorities. He has published about 210 papers in indexed journals.
Dr. Römbke is specialized in the taxonomy, biogeography and ecology of soil fauna, in particular Oligochaeta such as earthworms and Enchytraeidae. He is involved in several ecological and ecotoxicological field studies in Germany, other European countries and in Brazil (Amazonas, Parana), most recently the EU-FP7 project EcoFINDERS.
Especially he is interested in the development and standardization of ecotoxicological test methods for CEN, ISO and OECD as well as in the international harmonization of methods for biological soil monitoring, serving e.g. as chair of ISO TC 190/SC4 (the committee responsible for biological methods).