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La Filippa is a newly designed landfill for non-hazardous waste. It is located in Cairo Montenotte (Savona, northwest Italy).
The Filippa Responsive System (FRS®) is an innovative, fully tested and certified disposal and recovery model, which combines resources and values with technology and procedures. It goes beyond the market need created by legal waste disposal obligations.

The system provides important benefits:

  • exclusive and permanent guarantees and safety
  • immediate and long-term savings
  • reliability and cost-effectiveness
  • no environmental liabilities for future generations

By managing the non-exploitable waste fractions that remain after the “4R” process (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Recover), La Filippa contributes to the Circular Economy.
At La Filippa, sustainability is seen as a converter that enables potentially negative effects to be transformed into positive effects, thus generating environmental, economic and social value.

In the company’s vision, non-exploitable waste is the building block for a new future.
La Filippa invests in human resources, computerised systems and internal infrastructures. It employs efficient and rapid administrative and commercial procedures.

Legality, sustainability, safety, transparency, social responsibility and shared value are universal values recognized and adopted by many companies. Yet they have to be more than a simple declaration of intent: they have to be renewed and applied on a daily basis in every activity and decision of the company.
La Filippa is in possession of the Legality Rating (attributed by the AGCM, the Italian Competition Authority), which certifies compliance with the highest legal standards and promotes an active role in the prevention of illegality.
La Filippa generates economic resources for local authorities, organises sport, environmental and social initiatives, and finances and/or directly implements facilities of public interest. An example is Il Prato delle Ferrere, a playground built on an abandoned public area reclaimed and redeveloped by La Filippa. Dispelling the idea that public affairs are not perceived as a common asset to be protected and respected, Il Prato has become a social laboratory for the development of projects (e.g.,Il Camaleonte) where citizens are the protagonists, enhancing civic awareness and the sense of belonging to a community and a territory. In 2020, La Filippa opened Il Giardino di Casa, an area next to the newly restructured main building. The Giardino di Casa is used by La Filippa for meetings and recreational activities, but is also open to neighbours and passers-by who can take advantage of its amenities and services.

The entrepreneurial history of the Vaccari family began in Valenza Po at the end of the 1800s.
In the late 1950s, Angelo Vaccari, nicknamed Jolly (1930-2010), set up a brick factory in Cairo Montenotte (SV). His sons, Massimo and Carlo (born in 1962 and 1965), joined the company in the 1980s. In 2000, foreseeing the crisis in the construction sector and the saturation of the Ligurian real estate market, they embarked on a path of business diversification by investing in the Green Economy through their holding company Triciclo: “a laboratory of ideas that becomes a factory of the future as the ideas are realised”.
The original idea behind the La Filippa landfill, which takes its name from the farmhouse in Cairo Montenotte where a clay quarry was opened 60 years ago, was to re-design one of the most highly contested objects in the world. Right from the development stage, the objective was a landfill that would not only not pollute, but would actually add significant environmental, economic and social value to the area and the community. La Filippa began operations on 6 March 2008.

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