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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU

Waste chemist / INERIS, France
Pierre Hennebert (PhD, Ability to conduct researches), Waste chemist, Senior expert at INERIS (National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risk Assessment), France.
Numerous characterization studies and recovery tests of waste for public institutions or industrial companies
Methods for assessment of the hazardousness of waste, and regulatory classification of waste
Study of waste and sources of pollutants to the environment and emission mitigation
Valorization of waste as filler, as construction material, as immobilizer of toxic elements, as fertile soil, as source of (critical) element
Colloids and nanoparticles in waste leachates
Work in progress in creating a participative data base on waste composition
Normalized environmental analysis of soil, water, industrial waste and sludges, Convener of WG 1 Leaching of CEN TC 444 Environmental Characterization of solid matrices

Member of the French “Consultative Council on the Status of Waste” for End-of-waste criteria and status
Lecturer at Aix-Marseille-Université
Publications ISI 20, other 12, communications 85, technical reports 78, AFNOR standards 2, patent 1.