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Improve the visual presentation of your research. Using the Detritus Figure Preparation service allows you to generate publication-ready figures from your original files…

The impact of your research article can be significantly enhanced through careful placement of the right graph, illustration, photograph or diagram. However, this can be massively time consuming with many journals imposing specific layout and format requirements.

Detritus Figure Preparation service will provide you with publication-ready figure files, set to the correct size, resolution and layout to suit the specific journal you are submitting your research to.


We are currently able to process the following file types:

  • DOC, DOCX (Microsoft Word)
  • ODT (OpenOffice Writer)
  • PPT, PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • ODP (OpenOffice Impress)
  • XLS, XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
  • AI, AIT (Adobe Illustrator)
  • INDD (Adobe In Design)
  • PSD, PDD (Adobe Photoshop)
  • EPS (Various Programs)

€ 70,00 per figure
Timelines and total quotation vary based on numbers and typology of figures

For further information and customized quotation please contact the Editorial Office at


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