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Editor in Chief: RAFFAELLO COSSU

From the end of June 2023, Detritus turned from Open source to a classic format. Therefore, from the next issue (September 2023) the following yearly subscription rates will be applied on the new volumes:

Institutional Subscriptions
An institutional subscription provides online access to all Detritus contents for all physical locations, institution-wide.

Tier 1 – € 350 Entry-level pricing for libraries, research institution and Universities from Low Income Developing Countries *
Tier 2 – € 700 Libraries, research institutions and Universities
Tier 3 – € 1000 Small Companies (<100 employes)
Tier 4 – € 2000 Medium and Large Companies (>100 employes)

* Please check the World Bank classification of your country in this relevant list

Supporting Subscriptions
The Supporting subscription, further to the online access to all Detritus contents for all physical locations, institution-wide., provides the following benefits:

  • 2 printed copies per each Journal issue
  • Mention of the individual Institution (with logo and profile) on the Detritus web site
  • 30% discount on the publication fee for Supplemental issues relating to the dissemination of European Projects
  • Availability up to four journal pages per year (both on the printed and online issue) for promoting activities  (study programs, technical notes, etc.) carried out by the individual University/Company

Tier 5 – € 3000 Institutions (Universities, Agencies, Research Institutes, Companies, etc.) whishing to support financially the Journal.